Welcome to Activity Matters where we enable people with Multiple Sclerosis to become more active. The Activity Matters team have studied the complexity of changing physical activity behaviours among people with MS and with that have devised a 12 week programme.


This programme aims to increase physical activity levels among people with MS and through this improve symptoms such as fatigue, strength, mood, quality of life, amongst others. The benefits of physical activity are here.

What does it involve?

stay active

Each programme:

  • Is 12 weeks in duration
  • Is free of charge
  • Is for people who can walk with or without an aid.
  • Will require you to log in to this website every week, once a week for approximately 45-60 minutes.
  • Will provide new information regarding physical activity behaviours and getting started. It will help you set exercise goals and choose a suitable activity that you enjoy.
  • Does not require exercise equipment
  • Will measure your physical activity levels, fatigue, mood and more symptoms before and after.
  • Will give you access to experienced physiotherapists who work with people with MS.
  • Will provide follow-up monitoring for up to 6 months after you finish.
  • Will contain a mix of text and video content. Information will be from a variety of sources including, other people with MS, healthcare professionals and fitness instructors.


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We hope that you find these beneficial and would welcome your feedback on what else we should include. Remember ‘Activity Matters’ for your mental health, your physical health and your MS.

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